Krav Maga Bristol Central Beginner’s Classes

We offer regular beginner’s classes on a Tuesday night in Bristol City Centre. Instructor Will Bayley is a nationally recognised and respected instructor with British Krav Maga. Contact us today to get started with a free beginner session.

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Research Based Training

We believe that you either train for reality, or you train to lose. Where some people try to change reality to fit their training, we change our training to fit reality. We regularly study the statistics and realities of real world violence, bringing you the lessons, making sure our training remains immediately relevant to the modern enemy. Here are some statistics from our latest survey into violent crime:

Percentage of assaults where victim was outnumbered
Percentage of assaults where victim was knocked to the ground
Percentage of assaults involving weapons
Percentage of assaults resulting in Adrenal Freeze
Percentage of assaults begun with an overhand right punch to face or neck
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    Lt. Col. Charlie Crowe, Commanding Officer, 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles and Commander British Forces Brunei:

    "Will Bayley has a thorough knowledge of the psychology and physiology that underpins close quarter fighting.  This gave real depth to the practical training he delivered, which he had painstakingly tailored to the particular requirements of this unique unit.  His instruction was excellent throughout and he very quickly gained the respect of my experienced PTIs.  A highly impressive professional."

Classes in Bristol

We train Tuesday nights, 18:30 – 20:00 at Bristol Cathedral School in Central Bristol. There is plenty of parking off street in the School’s own car park on College Square, accessible from Anchor Road and behind Bristol Central Library.

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Bristol Cathedral School, College Square, Bristol, BS1 5TS

Krav Maga Bristol Central Instructor - Will Bayley

Will Bayley has been teaching Krav Maga full time since 2012, racking up around 5000 hours of direct Krav Maga Instructor experience. As well as teaching civilians, Will continues to work with high profile celebrities and elite units of the British Army. In January 2017, Will began the task of introducing Krav Maga to the legendary Royal Gurkha Rifles in Brunei, a testament to his professional reputation and experience. Will’s expertise in the world of self protection will also find its way into the written word in 2017 with the upcoming book Violent Action, which is a deep study into the effects of combat stress and adrenal physiology in combat. Learning with Will Bayley, you won’t only address the physical demands of combat but the psychological as well, meaning a greater and more complete grounding in the vital skill of self defence.

A qualified bodyguard and adrenalised training coach, Will understands what it takes to keep your head and defend yourself on the street, but balances this understanding with a welcoming, inclusive teaching style where everyone can find a place to learn and challenge old fears or limitations. Will has experience coaching people of all abilities and has an outstanding reputation as an instructor totally committed to the development of his students.